Firsby Avenue, Croydon

Firsby Avenue, Croydon


The Oakwood Group negotiated the purchase of this residential site, on a subject to planning basis.

The site is situated at the rear of Firsby Avenue with the rear gardens of the houses along Verdayne Avenue and Ridgemount Avenue flanking the site to the west and east respectively.

The proposal is for the erection of 8 new homes in a mix of three and four bed houses.  The houses will be located to the north and south of the site with a central shared surface road giving access to front driveways and gardens.

The proposal will seek to provide new homes while protecting the privacy and character of the surrounding area.  Our aim is to ensure that the development will bring a positive enhancement to a site that is currently undervalued and underused.

A resolution to grant planning permission was secured from the London Borough of Croydon’s Planning Committee on 14 July 2022.

Further details to follow.


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